Create cue in part not working?

There’s a Youtube video that shows a part and the user creating a cue from another instrument directly there. He types shift+U, and various names of instruments appear as he adds letters.

However, nothing I do seems to access this.
When I shift+U directly in a part, there are no instrument choices available at all.

Is there a setting somewhere I missed?
Or is this a feature that was removed?

EDIT: I’ve just noticed that I can create a cue IF and only if it’s within a multi-bar reset, as he does in the video. However, I cannot if there is no multi-bar rest. Is this intended?

I’ve cued up the video to where he mentions “it’s even possible to create a cue directly in an instrumental part”:

Just type the first letter(s) into the popover and a list will appear.

We are used to a search field narrowing the candidates as we type, starting with all, but Dorico popups don’t offer any prompt until you start to type something.

that isn’t working. I know that you have to start typing an instrument name for choices to appear, but nothing is showing at all in my case. no matter what letter(s) I type.

it works in the full score, or in galley view, but if I just take, for instance, flute 1, nothing appears in the popup, no matter what I type.

normally, just typing “f” should give me “flûte 2” as the first option. But it shows absolutely nothing.

If I have multi-measure rests, however, and go back one entire bar (like the video I posted says to do), then I get instrument names.

Sorry, I forgot about multirests. I agree, this is unfriendly in part layouts.

so this ONLY works if you are going back one bar into a multi-bar rest?

Then this is definitely a feature request for a future version of Dorico.
There are lots of times where I’m working on one part, and I already know what other part to use for extracting a cue. I hate having to work from either score or galley view. it’s very slow when it’s a very large score.

I’m sorry that I must be missing something here, but I’m not clear about under what circumstances you are unable to create a cue in a part layout. Would you mind spelling it out for me a bit more clearly?

Sure Daniel:
I’ll use an imaginary example, but still…

Flute one, I’m looking at the part itself (ie: not the score layout.)
There is not a regular meter (ie, there are many MANY time signature changes, so very few instances of multi-bar rests.)

I know that at bar six I need to indicate what the 1st oboe is playing to cue in the flute’s entrance.

I select bar six in the flute part, then press shift+U to insert a cue.
I start to type “o -b - o - e”, but at no point does the pop-up show me “oboe” as an option, like it does in the score.

This isn’t limited to one score. It’s all my scores. I had simply presumed that one could not insert a cue directly into a part, other than in the full score page layout (either Page or Galley.)

If I’m looking at the full score layout, it works fine. I can select that measure in the flute and the very second I input the “o” of “oboe”, it shows me the options “oboe 1” and “oboe 2” in the pop-up.
(N.B. the instrument names are in French in my test file, as they are in all my scores, so oboe actually starts with “h - a - u - t…”)

I get no pop-up choices while in the individual instrument’s layout, however.
I did a little test file, from blank to demonstrate the issue.
cue_problem_example.dorico (670.4 KB)

I’m pretty sure that cues are designed to be entered in Galley view because it’s only there that you can see all the available options for which instrument you want to use as a cue. You can create a cue in Page view, but you can’t see the actually cue notes, because normally you don’t your full score to be cluttered up with cues.
Entering cues in Galley view also negates any problems with multibar rests because there are no multibar rests in Galley view, and entering a cue will automatically break a multibar rest in the part. I can’t really see a problem with switching to Galley view to enter cues, but maybe entering them directly into a part could be a future addition to this feature.

the problem with this is that it isn’t always handy to keep going back and forth to Galley view when one is working on parts.
in particularly large scores it can take an inordinate amount of time to switch back and forth. (Dorico does slow down significantly when working on a large condensed score)

It appears that single bar rests in parts, behave like multirests. And you can only enter cues in multirests if you start note entry (shift-N or Enter) first (as shown in the video).

So, in your flute part, go to bar 6, shift-N shift-U oboe… will work.

the point is I don’t want to insert cues into a multi-rest.
that is already shown in the video I linked above, it can be done.
my issue appears to be that one cannot simply insert a cue into a bar with no previous entries, one that is not part of a multi-bar rest group.

aha! so when entering cues directly into a part there is an extra step to take, as you noted.
start note entry at that point, THEN invoke the “create cues” pop-up.

ok, this works now.

(still it would be nice if one could simply invoke the cue pop-up rather than also have to invoke note entry first)

I agree it is curious, but it appears that (in parts) Dorico treats every bar rest as a multi-rest.

Glad that you can now enter cues in parts!

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Wow, I stand corrected…I didn’t know this was possible. Wonderful to discover new things!

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I agree and I remember it being like this… did it change in D5 or did I always enter cues in the score (I don’t think I did).

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There have certainly been no changes in this area in recent versions. I think there’s something here for us to improve in future, for sure, but in the meantime I offer you another workaround: show the caret in the part layout at the point at which you want to create the cue, and then invoke the Shift+U popover: now you will find that the other instruments appear in the auto-completion list as you would expect, and cue creation will likewise work.