Create cycle shortcut and name marker missbehavior


Nuendo 6.0.3 seems to ignore the create cycle marker shorcut. Anyway, it does not allow to name the cycle marker after the creation (when I use the icon in the marker track).

Anyone else?


On my systems the “create cycle marker”-keyboard shortcut works fine.

I think the icon in the marker track is for adding (cycle) markers only, and not for adding and naming (cycle) markers.
For that function you must program a keyboard shortcut: keycommands/ marker/ insert and name cycle marker.

Hope this helps?
Niek/ Amsterdam.

The create and name key command works fine here.

After using the icon in the marker track to create a cycle marker, you’d normally name the marker in the description field on the info line, or in the inspector for the marker track.

Am I correct in guessing that the “create cycle marker” is a Nuendo only feature?

I can’t seem to find it in key command editor in Cubase Pro 9


I did find, after some more research, a command called “Insert Cycle Marker” which inserts a cycle marker into the span of the left and right locators.