Create Double String Orchestra in Setup Mode?

Is it possible to create a double string orchestra in Setup Mode? I’ve been trying several different things, like creating two groups and after placing a string orchestra in Group 1, trying to place a second string orchestra in Group 2. However, if I try to add an ensemble, I get a much smaller group of strings. I don’t see a way to add a full string orchestra to Group 2 except adding each section one at a time.

I realize I am pushing Setup Mode somewhat, and that’s my point – to see what it can do. I was hoping to have two separate string orchestras, each with its own string quartet of soloists. I’m hoping I don’t have to add the second orchestra and both quartets one section or player at a time. :open_mouth:

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Yes this is possible. As you say though, you can only add players/sections to a group one at a time.

Thanks Ian. That was the piece that got me thinking of it too.

Not the answer I was hoping for, but I do appreciate the answer.

[CORRECTION] On further exploration I was able to create the second string orchestra by returning to Setup Mode and choosing Ensemble there and then String Section. I first misread this as describing solo instruments rather than sections. :blush: So you can create a double string orchestra that easily. The numbers continue from the first string orchestra, i.e. Violin III and Violin IV – they could be renamed for a piece like the Vaughn WIlliams, but as they are they reflect Bartok’s use in Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta.

Now if only I could sneak in two string quartets…