Create Drum map from Instrument hangs Cubase!

Creating a Drum map from Instrument hangs Cubase!


What Instrument do you use?

Hi, I am using cubase 9.5 since December 2017.
I had the same problem, but the solution is very simple:
You have to use for each track different midi channels for the instances of Groove Agent.
Let me explain:
You load Groove Agent in 16 different tracks.
So you have 16 instances of Groove Agent.
In these instances you load - perhaps - Acoustic Agent always in Kit 1 !
Then you select in every instances of Groove Agent different midi channels:
no. 1 in the first instance, no. 2 in the second, no. 3 in the third and so on.
And now it is important to select the same midi channels in the inspector of these different tracks !
Please don’t forget to save your project now !
If you have done so, you can cubase let create a “drum map from instrument” !

In this way, you can select 16 tracks for every Kit in Groove Agent:
16 tracks (midi channel 1 - 16) for Kit 1, 16 tracks for Kit 2, 16 tracks for Kit 3
and 16 tracks for Kit 4.

Under these conditions, Cubase is working fine and will not frozen.

I hope I could help you - and sorry for my bad english …