Create editable sounds in HalionSonic3 with Halion6

Hello everyone, I hope you can help me.

I sampled different keyboard sounds with Halion 6, and created libraries to be read in HalionSonic3.

Sounds are correctly loaded from HalionSonic3, but are not editable.

This is what the EDIT page of the sounds I created looks like:

I would like to get this:

How can I do to get it?

Thanks for your help!

You can’t. You need to create a macro page in HALion 6 and add the controls you want to be editable.

Your first screenshot looks like the preset has no macro page.

Thank you for your answer.

Can you guide me through the procedure?

Each instrument I’ve sampled has about 60 sample

The screen of the first screenshot is common to many sounds of the HalionSonic3 library, so I imagine that there is a Macro already “ready” to be used. I am wrong?

Nope, there isn’t, unfortunately. You have to manually create and customize your macro page by adding knobs, buttons, sliders, etc and then assign different parameters to those knobs, buttons, sliders, etc.
Here’s a pretty nice video tutorial that explains the process of creating a macro page:

Thank you very much!!!

You’re welcome! :wink: