Create Empty - how to set default VST connections?

When I start a new project, I like to start with one that is totally empty - so I’ve been using the “Create Empty” button in the new project dialog. Every time I start that way though, I always have to reassign my input and outputs in the VST connections window. How can I make Cubase remember some basic default vst connection settings? This way, I can make sure “Create Empty” will always default to the I/O settings I prefer.


Try saving the empty project with your io settings as a project template. You could also name this as empty if you like or for clarity empty 2, my empty, blank etc. Hope this helps.

That allows me to create my own empty template - which is under the “more” category…

It doesn’t allow me to change the “create empty” preset though… I’m guessing that may not be possible…

The “create empty” button is pretty worthless I guess if there is no way to assign connections to that default template… So every single time you click that button, you have to set up everything from scratch. I guess I will stop using that button and just go to my own premade templates.

Not worthless, I use it all the time. It does what it says Empty :slight_smile: but a template is the way to go. I hope sometime in the future that we get a more advanced way of handling VST connections.