Create empty part between locators

Is there a key command (or possibly a macro) that will create an empty part between locators, on the selected track?
The equivalent of having to double-click in the arrange window (which is not always great - if the tracks’ height is very small, I often double-click on the wrong track, not on the selected/desired one).


If you Shift + double-click an Audio/MIDI Part/Event the given Part/Event becomes selected and all following Parts/Events too. Then you can nudge them easily.

Looks like Martin gave you the answer to someone else’s question - wonder if they got yours.

I don’t think there is a way to do what you want, although it would be handy.

Have you considered making the Track Height a little larger for Selected Tracks so they are easier to hit.


Oh, I think I got you know… You don’t want to Insert Silence for the selected tracks, right?

Hmmm… If you double-click to the L-R locators area, this creates a MIDI Part on the track where did you click to (of the L-R length). Is this closer to your request?