Create Error Region & Export

Hi PG,

it would be very handy if there was a function “Create Error Region & Export” i.e. like in the Exportmenu or with a template (Name, as MP3, to this folder)


What would you use this for?

Hey PG,

to mark an “error region” and automatically export it as MP3 to a specified folder and
send it for re-recording to a third-party.

the error-region markers are NOT being saved. Why is that? :question:
I would like to have them permanent so I can find the region which has to be replaced easily.

btw: Is there a way to define a shortcut for ‘Export’-duties? Couldn`t find anything.

Thx, Stan

Error markers are saved in this option is enabled:

The concept is: there are temporarily markers: once the fix is done (in WaveLab), they are not needed.

Concerning your Save request: in WaveLab <= 8.5, there was a function “Save selection as”. This is no longer in 9 (by mistake).
This is should be reintroduced sometime.

The easiest workflow is this one, though:

You even have a shortcut. IOW, just do “Shift + C” then “Ctrl/Cmd + S” and you’re ready to save…