create FX track directly from any channel send

it should be quite simple to add an item to the pull down menu that opens to the right of any send slot which gives the option to open a NEW FX channel/track directly from there.
replacing the awkward procedure of first creating FX track/back to the track i was just working with/choosing the FX track on the send and then activating.
the default setting of all sends when activated should be the send amount off, not 0db.
no one strats an FX send with full blast! it is always bringing the FX send up slowly.

This is already possible by using the right click context menu on the sends.

Preferences->VST->Default Send Level

thanks. that there are still menus that i haven’t discovered yet…

when i set the send amount to off in the preferences a new send slot still opens set to 0db. the only thing that changes is that when i ctrl+clik on the send the vol jumps now to OFF, while before it jumped to 0db. so it still requires 1 extra step.
(running 8.5.15)

As far as I see it happens to the projects that were created with previous versions of Cubase in my case with 8.5.1 When I create a new project and add new send it opens set to -infinity.
Yes it’s a bit annoying but at least it works in the end of it all. :laughing: