Create Group Channel from selected Tracks

i was wondering if there wasn’t a quicker way to add tracks to a group channel.
so rather than creating a group channel and then assigning single tracks to it - couldn’t i just select the tracks i want and create a group channel including the selected tracks?
couldn’t find an option to do that… would make my life quite a bit easier :wink:
thanks and cheers

  1. Create a group track and assign it to your desired output buss
  2. CTRL + click the channels you want to send to the group
  3. While your channels are selected, eg audio tracks, VST outputs etc. SHIFT + select the group you created in the first step

If you create a group channel then select all the channels you want to assign to it and hold down shift or is it alt (cant remember) or maybe it’s shift and alt :laughing: (dam memory) then select the group from the drop-down list at the channel top, all the selected channels will get assigned.

Times ago I suggest this simple improvement, as we have the feature for creating folders…maybe cubase 9 :smiley:

When you have a project with a lot of tracks and have to creat a lot of group this is not so quick.
Why isn’t there the possibility to creat a gruop/folder track directly from the selected tracks? it would be much easier and quicker.

This would be awesome.

This one gets my vote…