Create Harmony book-like files in Dorico 3.5

I have attached a page of a harmony book so you can understand and hopefully help me with the dorico file I want to create.
I want to create pages as in the attachment. There should be staffs that start and end almost wherever in the page, alternating between 1 staff, piano staff or even any number of staffs and also being able to play and give sound so that the examples can be heard.
So basically create a book of harmony that the examples can be played and heard. Is that possible any ideas for the initial setup in the setup page of dorico?

Yes, this is quite easy, with no workarounds! You’ll simply draw music frames and text frames onto the layout as needed (or design master pages for commonly-used page layouts, which would certainly be best if this is a large project). It’s really important to set this up correctly from the beginning.

For different exercises or examples of music, use different flows. I would recommend setting up different players, and naming them “single staff,” “grand staff,” etc. Then you can assign these to each flow (each exercise) as needed.

You can find a sample worksheet on this page. It’s not exactly what you need, but you can see how I created different types of players, and assigned them to different flows.

Thank you very much! I will try and see what I can do

Hi Dan, I already had a successful lesson with you in 2019. I have one little question. In your opinion, is it a good plan to setup workbooks completely within Dorico? Or, is the old way better: Exporting Dorico files as pdf and import this to Pages, Publisher, etc.?!

Thanks in forward.
Greetings Bernhard

Hi Bernhard, it is possible to do workbooks in Dorico successfully, for sure. When I’ve done larger projects, I’ve done one unit or chapter per project file. When projects get too large, I get nervous about losing formatting. All I do then is just insert a page number change so that when I combine the PDFs later, the page numbers continue correctly.

To be honest, I still prefer to use InDesign for large projects. It’s quite easy to manage lots of Dorico files, one file per section, and import them as PDFs. Just my opinion. Dorico has lots of desktop publishing functionality, but it will never be InDesign (nor should it try to be).

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More and more I find myself not even bothering to attempt certain things that I know are technically possible in dorico. I just export relatively barren PDFs and finish them off in affinity publisher. It’s just easier all the way around. Dorico does the notes and lyrics and AP does the rest. Much less friction and faster in the end.