Create layout of condensed Horn 1 and Horn 2

I have a (simple ) score of Alto Sax, Bari Sax and F Horn 1 and F Horn 2. (It’s an exact of a band score in which the “originals” aren’t originals - they are multiple times now fuzzy photocopies which I am re-engraving to make legible). I initially created all parts as solo players. On the full score I have a condensed score of Horn1, 2. (This is my first foray into condensing - as in initially I didn’t realise that condensing does not appear in galley view)
I would like to have a layout (a score I can hand to players) of this condensed Horn 1, 2 . Please, how do I achieve this?
All help will be appreciated

If I understand you correctly, what you need to do is create a new Layout (a part layout) specifically for this two-horn combo.

In this Layout you would include both players and have condensing switched on in Layout Options.

Does this help at all?

Thank you DanielMuzMurray - creating a new instrument part layout, adding Horn 1 and Horn 2 and checking enable condensing does it ! Thanks.
I felt it would be straightforward - adding the correct custom layout was the bit I’d got wrong.

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