Create Lead Sheet from Existing Project?

Hi guys,
I’m on a tight schedule, need this done ASAP, so I greatly appreciate if you respond quickly:

I have a project with flute, piano, bass and drums. I want to convert the flute part into a lead sheet part.

The quickest way I thought of doing this was opening the flute part and just renaming a few things. Turns out Dorico isn’t letting me do that.
When selecting which layout I want to edit in the setup mode nothing happens, and I see no obvious way of opening any of my layouts other than full score to edit.
Please tell me what I’m doing wrong, or if there’s an even better way of doing what I’m looking for (which often there is. although knowing how to do BOTH would be even more useful).

To edit your flute part Layout, select a note from the flute and press w.

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The simplest way of choosing which layout to edit is by using the layout selector on the toolbar. See e.g. here.