Create macro for comping?

I’m having trouble figuring out how to set up a macro or logical editor preset to do the following:

While comping a track, I have a region of takes set up. One take is highlighted and selected. I want to use a key command to both select and choose the comp for the previous take (i.e. go up a lane). I want to also do the opposite, i.e. go down a lane. I can figure out how to move the selection up and down by lanes, but not the current comp selection. I hope that makes sense! Eventually I want to put this on a macro and assign it to both a key command and a button in iC Pro.

Basically, I want to do the same thing as what happens when I click on a different take in a different lane with the comp tool and then click on the selection tool on that same take.

I don’t think this is possible. As far as I know there are no Key Commands or PLE capabilities to include a selection in a comp.

Thanks @raino - at least that confirms I’m not missing something!

It’s a good idea though - you could just arrow around and build a comp.

If only there was a Key Command to take whatever is currently selected and turn it into being comped. Then you could build it. But I just did a search and the only comp related KC was for selecting the Comp Tool.

@steve I don’t use it (yet?), but is this the kind of task that Auto Hot Key could facilitate?

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That’s the idea!

For me, comping is the killer Cubase feature that sets it apart from say Logic. I’m always comping bass part for example. I feel like with just a few tweaks and features, comping could be even easier.