Create MIDI Chord Notes Based on Melody Note Rhythm

I understand how to create MIDI chord notes based on the chord track. However, these chords are simply held until the next chord change (which I realize is adequate for most situations). I’m looking for a way to create chord midi notes based on the chords created in the chord track and the rhythm of the melody track. Is that possible?

Not sure you can exactly do that but you can make a track stick to the chord notes of the chord track as you are playing which should get you close

Or get EZKeys… :slight_smile:

Duplicate your melody track and open the copied part(s) in the Key Editor. Select all the note events and alt-drag them up and down to duplicate the line several times to get the number of notes you’d like in your final chords. Don’t worry about the pitches of these transposed melody lines. But do move the lines so they are roughly in the range you want the final chords. Then in that track’s Inspector on the Chord Tab turn on “Follow Chord Track.” You’ll probably want to mute the Chord Track so you only hear one set of chords playing.

Also if you turn on Live Transform in the Chord Tab you can just slap away at a keyboard and it will turn them into proper chords - which is great fun for folks like me with crappy keyboard skills.

I put X’s in between the notes to stop the sustain. The only thing is you can’t use chord track properly after that but if you have the progression down already it works great.

Or you could use the ‘generate harmonies’ feature on a copy of the melody track.

I didnt know there was a harmony feature. so cool. i guess i should read the manual. nah dont have time for