Create MIDI notes not generating from hitpoints

Hi - I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this for a day or so.

I’ve been editing drum tracks and using the hitpoint detection + create midi notes for replacement purposes fine until yesterday. Now with any track I set hitpoints for and use ‘create midi notes’, nothing is generated.

The results are not always the same - sometimes a clip is generated with nothing in it (sometimes a sizeless clip that can’t be zoomed into, other times up to a bar long), other times there is just nothing. I have played with the threshold and intensity, I have tried different tracks and tried using different destinations. Same results, with only one exception: at one point I was able to generate a midi track by removing all hitpoints and then detecting them again. This solution never worked again since, however.

I have opened up previously saved copies of the session and the functionality returns as normal, so I guess this project iteration is somehow corrupted. It’s just SUPER frustrating because of the work that’s been done since the last saved version I would rather not lose… :frowning:

Anyone else experienced this and have a solution or workaround (besides the obvious project rollback)?

UPDATE - rolling back no longer seems to work. I was able to load a previous save and generate one MIDI track for rack toms, but when I tried again to create a MIDI track for the floor tom, I got the ‘sizeless’ clip scenario happening. Reloaded the file and was able to create it on the first try, but then when I tried on the second rack tom track, same deal - sizeless clip. Reloaded again, expecting it to work at least for the first try, but this time it just keeps happening no matter what I try.

I don’t understand this at all.

I tried things like deleting all the other tracks and changing from linear to musical mode and back etc…nothing changes the outcome. This is driving me crazy…

this is also happening to me. It seems to be a bug.

also started to happen to me, when i updated from 7 to 10.5!

Oh brother, I feel your pain - I’ve just come across this today and spent a good few hours pulling what’s left of my remaining hair out trying to figure out why I was getting the same ‘small clip with single MIDI note’ generated from my many hitpoints that I’d successfully generated and tweaked.

I put a call out on the Sound On Sound forum and was lucky enough to get a super quick reply from Matt Houghton who’s on their team - you’ve probably done the same (quite reasonable) thing as I did after detecting hitpoints from your track - namely auditioning / moving / deleting the slices created at the generated hitpoints.

Here’s the gotcha:

When you do this, the last slice you audtioned stays selected and is the only hitpoint that will generate a MIDI note… aaaargh. Obvious but in a kind of Steinbergy way.

Here’s the URL to the SOS post:

This fixed things instantly for me - hope it helps,


^^ This has caught me out more than once! Glad you managed to identify the problem.