Create MIDI Sys Ex event in List Edit or wherever

I have a SYS EX Message I want to put at the beginning of a basic MIDI Sequence. The SYS Ex will change the MODE the keyboard is in before sending program changes. I am actually going to create the MIDI sequence in Cubase - then save it and use it in a keyboard or hardware sequencer.

Example -

  1. Enter Sys Ex “F0 42 30 68 4E 09 F7” into Cubase on a track in List Edit or somehow as a MIDI event on MIDI channel 15 to send out to other keyboard ???
  2. Export as MIDI file
  3. Import to Keyboard Sequencer to take live
  4. press play on sequencer to change the MODE of that keyboard or sound module.

I am open to any ideas but just dont know how to enter the data. (Step 1) - I can do the rest.

Create a MIDI part and select it, open the List Editor, then set the “Insert Event Type” to SysEx in the toolbar:

Now use the Draw Tool (8) to add a SysEx event. Double click the comment field to open the MIDI SysEx editor. You might have to resize the left side of the window or scroll to see the comment field:

You can also add SysEx by using the Project Browser (Ctrl+B):

That was extremely helpful - thanks !!!