Create multiple cycle markers for selected events, batch rename events

When working with game audio asset, the possibility to export cycle markers as audio files with customizeable naming scene is super handy.

Creating and naming the cycle markers though is a tedious process.
Suggestion for creating the cycle markers:

Add command “create cycle markers for selected events”

This would create unique cycle marker for all selected events, overlapping events being treated as one.

Suggestion for renaming the markers:

  1. add key modifier for cascading rename function. for example, currently when renaming a track, using shift + enter when entering the name
    gives all events on the track a similar name. How about when having selected multiple cycle markers, in the naming panel when giving
    the markers a name “footStep_01” and pressing ALT+SHIFT+ENTER would rename the selected events cascading from footStep_01 to a number representing the amount of selected events - ten cycle markers being selected, from left to right, the last being named footStep_10.

Compared to the current method of selecting an event, setting locators to selection range, creating cycle markers and naming these - depending on the amount of events, one would literally save hours by simplyfying the cycle marker creation and naming process.

Alternatively, a batch rename panel could be used.

Thank you for considering.

Have you looked into PLE much as well as Macro commands?

I created a couple macros for adding markers quickly so that it adds a marker or cycle + rename, it selects the next event and ready to go again.

Also, if you add the markers first, and then select them and go to rename them in the info line (ctrl+i) it will name them all the same. You still have the marker ID to distinguish.

But yes, +1.

Also could be a feature whereby if a marker is being added via event selection, it gives the respective marker the name description of the event.

thanks dandub - would it be possible for you attach screenshots of the macros + PLE settings, would be nice to see how you’ve set it up!

now looking at it, the ID can be solved by adding a Counter in the export settings, this way the the events could have a similar name (footstep) and the counter would add a number to it. This would require to export in batches though, as i have multiple asset sets in one project which have a range of 01 - xx. And it would be good to be able to set the ID to the event name itself, to be sure that future exports would be identical.

thanks for the tip, created a macro which sets the locators to selection, creates a cycle marker and moves right. The only quirk here is that in Key commands there’s no plain “create cycle marker” command - which is what one of the buttons on a marker track does - but only “create and name a cycle marker”, whichs requires user to input a name before being able to proceed… well, a little more finger agility training that is, but speeds up my creation of cycle markers quite a lot!

‘Insert and Name Cycle Marker’ is what you’re looking for.

Select your first event in a row of many and then initiate that macro. It will create a cycle over the first selected event, initiate renaming whilest also cuing the next event ready for you to re-initiate the same macro. Visually, you will alsways be renaming the cycle marker prior to where the locators have moved (the next event) which is a bit disorienting at first.

You could also do this 10 at a time but not with renames, or how many ever you want. Just do the same macro, but ‘Insert Cycle Marker’ no naming, and repeat it over and over as many times as you want. ie,

locators to selection
insert cycle marker
navigate right
locators to selection
insert cycle marker
navigate right

and so on.

Then you could selected them all and rename as group used in combo with the IDs.


if you want to hear each cycle while you’re naming it, throw in a

‘Play Until Selection End’


‘Transport - Locators To Selection’
Marker - Insert and Name Cycle Marker

this way it will always be playing, what you are naming.

thanks for the tips, already saved a few hours today! :smiley:

I wonder if this is possible in Cubase 12 with the new PLE functionalities? I tried but could not figure it out.

Hey! Sounds like a good fix to the matter, but unfortunately in Nuendo 11 it does not move right and select a new object. It waits for you to enter a marker name, so it doesn’t run the macro to the end and the command for inserting a cycle marker without renaming has been removed. :clap: Bravo Steinberg.

Oh, correction, the instert cycle marker without renaming is still in the software but for some reason one command is under “marker” and the other under “transport”… Bravo Steinberg. :clap:

Thanks a lot! saved me bundles of time!!