Create multiple outputs for HALion Sonic SE?


I am creating a drumkit as a single HALion 6 program, with the intention of provide this drumkit in the future for HALion Sonic SE 3. My main problem is related to individual outputs.

  1. In HALion 6 I am able to create multiple outs for each drum sound using layeres, but naturally this output assignment is not applied or remembered when imported as a HAlion Sonic Layer preset in HALion Sonic. So no individual outs in HSSE.

  2. I was trying to “abuse” the Aux Sends as individual outs in HALion Sonic, as they are routable there, but this would only give me four outputs (maybe plus one from the Mixer page of HSSE).

  3. I am aware that the most easy way would be to create Multis in Halion Sonic, and to assign individual outs right there, but it´s not the desired option. I´d prefer to have ONE VSTPRESET to be found in the MediaBay, which loads the kit, as Multis cannot be searched inside the Mediabay (Or am I wrong?)

Anyone with ideas?

Thanks in advance.


A little update:

Multiprograms are effectively saved and loaded via MediaBay as VSTPRESETS, so this problem ceased to exist.