create mutiple FX Tracks at once...

Is there a way to create multiple FX tracks at once, like in the creation os Group Tracks? it´s really easy, when in the mixing stage, to create several Group Tracks and associate the individual audio (or MIDI) tracks to those groups, but when you want to create multiple FX Tracks, you have to create them one by one… When i’m mixing, i create various Group Tracks (Drum Bus/Guit Bus/Chorus Bus/Brass or KB bus, etc) and that’s real speedy to have the choice to choose how many Groups you want, but when it cames to chose how many FX Tracks, you can only create one by one… that’s lame… does any one knows a way to do this or is it a “GIANT BUG”?

Thanks guys

This is something I’ve wanted for a while as well. It seems that FX tracks can only be created one at a time. I have no idea why. A possible work around would be to save a track preset of a different number of blank FX tracks (2, 3, 4, etc, so you have options as to how many you want) and add them that way, so you don’t have to add them one at a time.

The last time I tried to save FX Channels using save as track preset it didn’t save them… Maybe because they’re channels not track.

You could always use group tracks in place of FX tracks.

Ok there’s a “twist” on how to create multiple FX tracks… but not at once. But a speedy way of doing it…
Just assign a keyboard shortcut to “create FX Track” and that’s it. Did that some time ago and it’s a breeze. You can create FX tracks “at speed of light” :slight_smile:

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I made 6 FX tracks with my go to FX effects plugins inserted on each of them. Then export them as “export selected tracks”. And then in new project I loading them as “import tracks archive”. Maybe thats the way for you ?

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A “GIANT BUG”?! Hardly!

This is, when you think about it, a difficult request, since, by definition, each fx track needs to be loaded with a particular plugin!
To do what you’re asking, the new FX channel dialog would have to look like the VST Rack, with multiple lines to pick each new channel’s FX plugin. This would be great! LOL

Is there any DAW that can do this?

For me, I have some go-to FX that I always load for certain kinds of projects. For these I either have them waiting for me as a project template or, as others suggested, save the FX channels as a file and load them into Cubase.