Create new bar with appropriate time signature from selection? Longshot!

Hi folks.

I have an old orchestral piece which I imported via xml. I’m slowly cleaning it up and adding/cutting etc. If you see the image below taken from the score I have a section where there is kind of six consecutive crotchet beats that don’t really line up the way I’d like them to in 4/4.

I’ve been using the system track, locking the following bar then activating the 4th ‘Insert Mode’ option to get the beats i need for a longer/shorter time signature as Dorico will input a new time signature but without ‘Insert Mode’ enabled it will not give you the beats required IIRC. Before I do any of this I add the previous time-signature that I want the music to return to then lock the system track. This works fine and is not a problem when I want a bar of extra or shorter time here and there. I’m just wondering if there is a way to make a selection (in this case the six crotchets) and then make an automatic bar of 6/4 which could just be kind of place in between and then return back to 4/4. I’m probably dreaming here but there’s things in the write and edit menu that I’m slowly discovering for all kinds of things. Thought I’d see if anyone has a way to do this? Hope it makes sense! Cheers Simon.

The easiest way is just to add the meter changes where you want them, from earliest to latest. No damage is done by changing the meters (quite unlike other software). Insert mode and the stop position are not needed if the music is already playing correctly.

Just realised my image had a crotchet missing so my need for 6/4 looked like I had my number of beats wrong! So just to be clear (not on Dorico right now) select the beat or crotchet in this case and shift m popover 6/4? No insert mode required and then just kind of figure it out from there. This would be fine as I don’t really care too much about what happens after as I can just sort it out. Insert mode was great while writing when I realised I needed more beats but this is an old piece which I’m just playing around with so I’ll definitely try just adding in the change without Insert mode. Thanks for your help! Cheers Simon.