Create New CPR From Selections

This is something that’s been on my mind for a looooong time. As I previously wrote:

The larger problem (if yer -me- anyhoo) is that Cubase often makes me feel locked into working on ONE thing all day. Since the load/save/close dance is so lengthy it runs against -my- manic brain. I -often- will be working on one CPR and get an idea on another. This happens about 10xs a day and I often have to throttle the idea (and lose it) because I think to myself “it would take to long to switch gears.” It’s like being out on a boat… you realise you left something at the dock… and it’s just a PITA to have to go back.

I would like to be able to right click on one or more events (audio or MIDI) and a menu option appears: Copy To New CPR!

This would do exactly what it says: create a new CPR, containing just the tracks and selected events in its own little folder.

Use Case: About 5xs a day, an idea COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO THE CPR I’M WORKING ON floats into my head. So I do what most of us do… I create a new track, move the cursor over 200 bars and wail away with guitar/voice/piano. THEN COMES THE BOOKKEEPING.

The bookkeeping is
a) getting the fabulous idea into a new CPR, properly labelled and
b) getting it OUT of my pristine current CPR.

And because saving/closing/opening/etc. takes so long, I get lazy and I forget about LOTS of ideas.

All the bookkeeping takes a surprising amount of time. If I were to go through all the stuff I’ve done over the past 15 years… there are probably 50 songs I totally forgot about because they’re buried inside another CPR. And Cubase can do this auto-magically, I’m sure, with ease.
a) select events
b) copy tracks
c) save to new folder
d) rip out unused VSTis
…a LOT of that is now macro-able.

Again, this may seem like an esoteric thing, but I’d use this SEVERAL TIMES A DAY

+1 that “file” dropdown menu is going to get long but… Still a good idea.

Regards. :sunglasses:

+1. Saving/closing/loading takes far too long to make this sort of stuff viable.

Similarly, the ability to have two projects open and drag and drop elements between them.

+1 please Steinberg.

I would use this when editing a long rehearsal jam session which is probably how most of my songs start. So, I generally cut up the session and then need to create different projects for each separate song idea. Being able to quickly create a new project just from my selection would save a lot of time for me on this task.