Create new lanes after empty lane? (multitimbral VST midi - hear me out)

I love Cubase’s lane system. But it could be improved, or maybe this is already a possibility, and I just don’t know it yet.

I have a VST instruments midi track set up, and I’m using the lanes to trigger each ‘part’ of the VSTi. It would make the most sense to keep the Lane# the same as the part# it is triggering. So…

  • Lane 1 midi triggers Part 1 on ch1; Lane 2 midi triggers Part 2 on ch2, etc…

I am using a part 4 on the VSTi but not part 3, so I want to keep Lane 3 empty but create a Lane 4. Is this possible?

Ok, figured a way through this.

I can just create empty MIDI events in the lanes, and as soon as I do a new Lane shows up automatically.

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