Create new stems for Unmix Stems

Is there any capability to create different stem types (like guitar, flute, etc.) for use in the Unmix Stems procedure? If not now, any plans for the future?

Edward Kort

These unmixing process are driven by deep learning AI models, which requires thousands of examples for each instrument and days of computing to train proper separation model. Experiments were made to train it on flute and guitar, but unfortunately it does not work as well as flute is pretty close to vocals in term of spectral signature, and guitar spectral signature is so wide that it’s hard to properly capture it and discriminate it from say piano for instance. That being said, it may evolve in the future.

Thank you for the quick reply.

Edward Kort

I just want to say, that I appreciate these kind of answers from a developer - no nonsensical promises, but straight to the facts and limitations of the technology. Well done.

Yepp! Now we know that! :sunglasses:

Robin Seems to have Mic Bleed .Instruments are getting left in Vocal Layer.

A future update could add sensitivity parameters for each instrument.

Robin Check out this reaper video and download :

Also add add more instruments In AI.Like Keyboards ,Synths…
You could add a way that instruments could be added to the AIs collection of instruments.

that is great. perhaps, spectralayers has the ability, by hand, but unmix components, you can in way transpose to unmix stems, or layers of sounds. by amplitude, transients, etc. enough under the hood, to extract frequencies, like factorsynth 2 (M4L device, i own it, so perhaps…).
by hand is to most “creative” way, but dissecting a waveform in spectral components, can deliver new ideas. this is more for sounddesign of course.
and in a way all the tools are already there, i must work with spectralayers pro 7 more, if it would be real addition.
perhaps a niche question and yes, the tools available, i repeat are perhaps enough, it is more for another workflow, another perspective.
perhaps it is only me…

Have SpectraLayers Be able to add addional instruments to is AI .It is now calling Synth Other.Will it be able to Put all pianos in the piano stem Same with Drums ect?

Hi Robin,

Often, when I want to do this kind of work, I may have a small sample of the same instrument I want to isolate/extract/unmix (maybe from a intro, break, or different take).

Is it possible you could add the option to “feed” the AI a clean snippet of the instrument you want to unmix to give a more accurate result?

About guitars: I think of electric and acoustic ones as sonically different instruments. Maybe concentrating (initially at least) on just acoustics would be a little easier? Acoustics I would think have a less wide spectral signature. At the same time, they are present in a lot of recordings, maybe steel strings ones more so. Wouldn’ t a gradual approach (i.e. starting for example with just acoustic steel strings) be more feasible?