Create new track from preset hotkey

Hi all!

I would like to assign a keyboard shortcut for creating a new track from a preset.

Ctrl+Alt+M = Create new Mono Audio Track
Ctrl+Alt+S = Create new Stereo Audio Track
Ctrl+Alt+H = Create new Halion Instrument Track

Any ideas are very welcome :slight_smile:

Add audio track and Add Mono Audio track are already available in key commands.

I don’t think there is any easy way to do the same for a specific instrument.

There are Key Commands available to add Tracks for:
Stereo Audio
Mono Audio

I open specific vsts like this:
Just open up Halion(or whatever vst) as an instrument track one time, and then save it as a track preset.
Then make a shortcut for a new instrument track (e.g. Shift+Alt+i) and then just open the track preset.

I know it’s not a faster option if you just want to open an empty Halion or something. But i save whole vst presets combined with inserts and EQs on the instrument track this way. So if i have Kontakt open with my own sound and a few plugins on the channel and send effects, i can save it as a track preset and just need two clicks to recall the whole channel with the vst easily. Different thing but very very helpful and fast!!

Right now I do it the same way. It’s not bad since the track preset browser saves the last search input and filters.

I just started to wonder if there is a way to assign a hotkey to a track preset or to an VST.

Is there any way to increase the number of tracks through key commands? If I want to make 8 audio tracks it is a MOO (mouse only operation).