Create new track / match exisiting track settings

Hi! I have Cubase Artist 8.5 and Halion 5. I frequently duplicate a guitar track so that I can record on a new guitar track with all of the same mixer and VST amplifier settings. However, “duplicate track” copies the audio as well, which I then have to delete. Is there a way to create a new track that will retain all of the mixer and VST settings of an existing track, but without copying the audio takes?


You can make a Track Preset and load it.

Btw, you probably don’t mean Audio takes, but MIDI data. You can right-click to the track, and choose “Select All Events”, then Delete. You could also make a Macro for this: Duplicate, Select All Events, Delete.

Hi, Martin. Thanks for replying. No, it is an audio guitar track, not MIDI. I am already doing as you suggest: Duplicate and then delete. But I was trying to save a step. Also, if that causes duplicate audio to be placed in the pool, I would also need to do 2 other steps: 1) Media / Remove Unused Media and 2) Media / Empty Trash. I guess the macro could be a way to go. But you’d think that making a new track based on an old track would be possible.

It doesn’t cause duplicate audio!
Make Martins macro, assign key command of your choice and you have a one step way of doing exactly what you want.


I’m sorry, I’m afraid, there is no way, how to copy just the “settings” of the track. I mean other way, but use the Track Preset. Why you don’t want to use the track preset?

I was confused by the HALion, you mentioned in your post. :wink:

That’s excellent news, thank you!


I understood Halion to be where the VST amplifiers came from. I’m really not sure about that.

I have nothing against using a Track Preset. But I’d have to make one for every single setting I create. One song might have 7 different guitar settings and I might never use them again. And that’s just THOSE tracks. So it doesn’t seem practical.