Create remote to control MIRx on slave

Is it possible to “build” a remote that can control some MIRx parameters on a remote slave?
Right now I have 12 wood wind tracks in Cubase 8 that play a 4 flutepatches on a VEPro 5 slave. If I want to change the level of MIRx on the slave I send CC31-value that is assigned to that parameter in the instruments. But I would like to have a “knob” that I can dial in a value that send CC31 to all the channels at once.
Is that possible?


This topic is also discussed pretty often, here.

The only one way would be to Record Enable all the Channels, where you want to send the CC31, and then send this CC31 from your hardware MIDI Controller (nit Generic Remote Deivce or Quick Controls, but the real hardware.