Create Sample out of VST (Freeze)

I am missing a feature in the sampler track.

I would like to easily create an audio file of an VST instrument (from an Instrument or MIDI track) with the content between the locators and directly use it in the sampler track. Would be quasi a freeze of the notes.

That would be very useful for stutter effects, reverse sound, glitching effects, etc. Could also easily extract single notes or events (drums) from an VST instrument and add different effects / settings.


Doesn´t loopmash fx give you enough variation for those kind of effect?

thanks, was not aware of Loopmash.

But nevertheless: saw this function in another DAW and it was very easy and fast to use…

Example: for creation of Basslines a la “Vize” parts of the bass are played reverse. That could be easily done with the function I mentioned above. Makes not really sense to “waste” a Loopmash instance for that… Today I export that audio part, import it again --> slow workflow

You can drag the midi directly to Sample Track area at the bottom. Or do you mean something else?

No, sorry, I mean something different.

I have a part for a VST instrument and would like to create an audio of this part, e.g. between the locators, with one click (or one command, e.g. CTRL+S). And then I would like to use this audio snippet very easily in the sampler track with all the possibilities there.

At the end I would like to use and manipulate the sound of the VST instrument in parallel with the sampler track.
Use cases:

  • play the sound easily reverse, or combine reverse sample sound with original VST instrument
  • fast creation of single drum samples out of a VST drum machine
  • changing the sample (cutting, stuttering, free selection of start/end, etc) in combination with the orginal VST sound

Loopmash could help to a certain extent, but offers not that creative flexibility like the usage in a sampler track.

Today I need to make an Audio Export of this snippet, then I need to import this audio file, and then I am able to assign this to the sampler track. That’s doable, but not a perfect workflow, could be simplified. (and I saw this feature already in another DAW) :wink:

Sorry but I still understand the same thing :slight_smile:
Drag that snippet down to the Sample Control Area and it becomes a sampler track
Here is a video link and a picture