Create Sampler Track Workflow Enhancements Feature Request

Hi there,

I have two feature requests for the sampler tracks, which will enhance the workflow while production by a lot in my opinion:

1. Always create the sampler track instance below the current selected track in the track list:

  • If you create a new sampler track by the “Add Track” menu in the track list, the new sampler track instance appears below the current selected track like expected. :white_check_mark:


  • If you create a new sampler track by right click on a sample in the Media Bay, the new sampler track instance appears at the very end of all tracks in the track list. :x:


2. Do not open lower zone by default when creating a sampler track:

  • If you create a sampler, regardless from where, the lower zone with the “sampler control” opens up. I understand that it can be helpful if you want to tweak the settings right a away. But in combination with the behavior described aboveand the HiDPI bug in Cubase 11 it is a workflow killer for me.

→ Please introduce a preference setting which alows to turn the automatic opening of the lower zone off!

I hope someone from the Steinberg team will read my suggestion and others vote it up. I think the requests make logical sense and are not any subjective preferences.

Thank you,


I would like to see Thru playback mode, when playing sliced sample, similar to Live´s simpler.
Triggering slice, it would playback to the end of whole sliced loop