Create score - piano, plus vocal part

A client has asked if I can create a piece, and they ultimately want a score generated (sheet music). They want the sheet music to contain piano music (bass/treble clef) + the vocal melody and lyrics - so basically three staffs per each line on the sheet music.

Is this something I can do in Cubase?


Yes, you can do this in Cubase. In Cubase Pro you have much more options than in other Cubase versions.

Great. I have Cubase Pro 9.5. Can anyone direct me to some info to help me figure out how to do this?

Download the Score Manual from Steinberg’s website.

Also check out the Score Templates that came with Cubase when you create a new Project.


I general, record MIDI data (Piano track 1, Vocal track 2). Open Score Editor. On the Track 1 (Piano) Open the Score Settings and on the Track one set the Split point.