Create /Show Rests on a Beginning

Hi, I need to create rests in a first 4 Bars of the piece. If I write notes, everything goes as expected, if I delete them, rests disappear as well.

I guess selecting these bars I hit “Remove rests” for a wile. How do I reset it back? Is there an opposite option in Dorico - show rests? I was not able to find how…Thank you

Two options:

  1. Select the first note or rest after the Removed Rests, and turn off it’s “starts voice property”.
  2. Double-click at bar 1 and type Shift-B rest Enter.

Each time I am fascinated how quick and helpful responses on this forum are. Thank you pianoleo. Not for a first time😊 Solved😊
By the way there is no need to enter rests after a step1. They appear automatically.

It was two options, not two steps - either will work :slight_smile:

Thank you again:)