"Create Slash Region" shows suddenly wrong symbols

Dear users and developers.

“Create Slash Region” shows suddenly a wrong symbol as follows:

Yesterday, the symbols were correct.

Can anyone help me to resolve it?

I would suggest restarting your computer in the first instance. If that doesn’t help, check what version of Bravura you have installed: it should be version 1.310.

Ah, reinstalling Dorico 2 overwrote the Bravura font!

Hi Daniel! I have this problem that creating slash regions produces wrong symbols, I checked my Bravura version and it’s 1.310
Where can I start searching for wrong settings, I have Bravura chosen in / Fonts/Music fonts…

Daniel, never mind its solved.
It seemed I had 2 Bravura fonts installed, and the newest was deactivated so I had to take away the old one.
So now I have Bravura.otf version 1.310 but the BravuraText.otf is from 2017…I guess it shouldn’t be that right?

Bravura Text should also be version 1.310.