Create Slices With No Ending

I love the automatic slicing feature in Groove Agent. It’s the main reason I use Groove Agent now instead of NI Battery. I think the slicing feature is even better than the slicing in IL Slicex.

But often times when I create slices in Groove Agent, I mostly just want the starting position to be affected by the slicing feature. I don’t want the ending position on the slices to end when the start of the next slice starts.

Basically, the way I’d like it to work is how youtube splits up videos. If you push 1 on your keyboard on a youtube video, it will go to the 1/10 mark for the video and play from there, if you push 4 it will go to the 4/10 mark, if you push the 7 key, it will skip to the 7/10 mark, etc… I believe Soundclouds audio player works the same way.

To get a similar effect in Groove Agent, I usually select the Grid option for the slices. However, the slices will usually end too abruptly and I always have to drag the end of the sample range way far back. If we could have an additional option that says something like “Slice Start Position Only” or something, that will save me SOOOOOOOOOO much time and energy. Actually I can’t think of a reason why anyone would want the end position to be cut off automatically, because you could just release the note to end the sample anyway… so maybe this could just be the default way it functions.

Either that, or you could implement sliding the sample end position back when multiple pads are selected so that I could just select all pads and move the ending position back all at once. Being able to adjust all the starting positions and nudge them all at once could be really helpful too.