create stems passing through final mix channel?

I’ve set up a way to render stems by sending various audio channels, Kontakt instruments, etc. to group tracks that encompass the various stems i wish to create.

I then use the “export audio mixdown” feature to create the stems, choosing the various group channels that will encompass the stems i wish to create.

My problem is that i have a mastering chain on my final mix output that i would like the various stem mixes to pass through.

Is there a way of achieving this through the “export audio mixdown” feature and still be able to create the stems all at once?

If you want “stems” when summed to equal the final mix, use dynamics processing on the master, then “no”, there is no way of accomplishing that 100%.

I think most people place processing on the groups that stems are ‘taken from’ and leave the master clean, with the possible exception of a brickwall limiter to catch the odd peak. I also know that some have a way of generating side chain signals to dynamics processors on those stem-groups.

The composer i work with suggested mastering in Nuendo to save time and also requested that i send all of the stems through the mastering chain. It’s what he wants so I am having to do the stems one by one.

I’ve got all of the processing i want in the groups but can’t give the stems the volume boost requested without the repetitive motion of performing the stems one by one.

I realize that it’s counter intuitive.

It’s not counter intuitive, it’s a redefinition of the word “stems” the way they’ve been used in post production for a long time.

Now, if you have all the processing you want on your groups, and then bring up the level on the master, why don’t you just take that plugin that you have on the master and put it on all individual groups (stems)? That should give you the same result except you don’t have to export multiple times.

Of course the level will be way off on the master, but who cares, you can turn those plugins off on the groups when creating the stereo mix and turn them on when exporting the so-called “stems”.

Right? Or am I missing something?

I don’t wish to add the same plug-ins on each group as that would be too cumbersome to work with.

I don’t wish to start a flame war so i’m all done here.

“flame war”???

You asked: “Is there a way of achieving this through the “export audio mixdown” feature and still be able to create the stems all at once?”

I answered how you can do that.

Heck, you could also have your regular workflow with all your current groups go to the main output with that set of plugins on it, then add those plugins to a set of outputs (routed nowhere) that takes there inputs one-to-one from the groups. Now you can monitor through your master yet still select the outputs which will be the groups + master processing on each.

That’s another answer. But I guess you’re “all done here”… :cry:

Good answer MattiasNYC, thanks for it. That’s how I’ve been doing it, don’t see how your answer could be taken the wrong way. Cheers, john