Create thumbnail of the project

I open a project made with Dorico 3.5 b and saved it with dorico 4.3 but I don’t see the thumbnail of the music in the Hub only the icon Dorico : How can I generate it?
P.s I have “generate preview thumbnails when saving” “on” in project info
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Found: I must not do “save” but “save as” and replace the file

It should be enough to save, not Save As. All my projects from earlier versions have picked up previews as I’ve used them.

Here on my new computer, with this topic open D3.5 project, not always exact and the same.
Sometimes" save " is enough and sometimes not.
100% ok is “save as” and also “save” but when I reopen Dorico and the Hub appear with Dorico icon instead of the thumbnails: close the Hub and reopen Dorico
But not really disturbing, now that I know how to do it