Create Track with Double-clicking

Simple question. How do you change what type of track is created when double clicking the track name area?

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I realize you it will create whatever track type you have selected but if none is selected, it creates a MIDI track. I was wondering if there is any way to change this default.

I’m pretty sure the behavior is that it creates the last type of track created. And, you can’t define a default.

So, if you create an audio track. The next time you double click, you will create an audio track.

+1 for a pref

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I’m sure it doesn’t suit all scenarios but I always create a template of 8 or 16 midi tracks plus 4 or 8 Audio as a basic and a few different combos for different purposes as I usually have a good idea where a project is going.
If you find that a good suggestion then I’d advise building your own from scratch rather than basing it on a preset which may have instruments or FX with patches that can be unassigned (depending on what VSTis or FX the user has loaded) throwing up dialog boxes that would annoy some.

Here’s hoping they add multi-track track templates WITH ROUTINGS soon. That way you don’t have template the crap out of 40 different setups.

@jmcecil - yeah, i realized that after I read some more in the manual. however, it doesn’t keep a memory of which track type you created when you close the project. oh well. i created a key command to create an audio track now so I’ll just use that. thanks for the reply.

Key commands rule our DAW!