Create Tracks From Lanes Not Working Properly

I cycle record several vocal passes. Each pass gets recorded onto a separate Lane. When I try to Create Tracks From Lanes, or try to move an individual part from a lane, one or more of these parts moves together, as if they’re linked, somehow. For example, if I have 7 lanes of vocals, and I want to move, for instance, track 7 to its own track (just below the current track), another lane’s part, for instance, lane 4, will move to lane 5! How do I fix this problem?


Hard to guess, why they are “linked”. Could you attach a screenshot, please?

For some unknown reason, the problem seems to have disappeared. All I did was snip each of the events to equal lengths within the locators and the problem went away. I don’t understand why this would fix the problem, but it appears to be resolved in any case.

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Things are misbehaving again. Here are the screenshots: