Create Unique Versions of Samples

Hello All,
Is there a fast or reasonable automatic way of converting one sample into 8 or so ‘unique’ versions of it? I don’t mean unique in file name only, Im talking about the samples tone. I want to be able to quickly create 8 versions of a sample with very slight variations on say, pitch, timing, shape, so it’s like i played that guitar note lots of times but wihtout having to do that. Do you know what I mean?

I’ve got a way I do it at the moment but it’s quite manual. I can’t seem to figure out how to use the project logistical editor for this which is what i’d usually do. Setting random fine pitch values as an example doesn’t seem to be an option…


Do you really need the sample, or is only the resulting sound OK? I don’t know your use case, but would the Doubeler plug-in work for you? Or there is the Randomizer plug-in in Nuendo.

You could build different processing chains in Direct Offline Processing, save them as favorites and assign key commands to them.
There are also plugins that do different randomization things to audio , like this, haven’t tried them, though.

Thank you,

I’ll have a look soon, even just the mention of those controls is helpful, I never thought to randomise a couple of those and if done subtlety, that could be just the thing I need.

I’ve also learned since this post that many synths will do what I’m asking if done with very small adjustments and experimenting with granular synths etc. exciting times