Create upstem notes on selected existing ones in another voice

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I think the screenshot explains it better than any clumsy formulations of mine. – I have no troubles with adding a second voice to created a “melody” out of the “accompanying figure” of 16th notes. But I wonder if there is an easier method, like “add a second up-stem on selected notes”?

Also: how do I created that kind of cross-staff beams, when there is more than 1 voice?

The settings should allow for such beaming, but the result proves otherwise… (Do I have to change the stem direction manually?)

When noteheads are appearing on the wrong sides of stems, it means that you have dragged the beams manually rather than setting their placement properly. Can you attach the passage in question as a Dorico project so we can take a look?

I just found a function in the context menu: “Stem => Remove forced stem”.
That fixed it.
Thank you for your kind offer and fast response on a SUNDAY!!!, @dspreadbury !

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