"create warp markers" doesn't work as expected

My understanding is that to create warp markers, you go into the hitpoints section first in the sample editor. I set the threshold to the best spot and then go through and delete a few unwanted hitpoints, and create a few that are missing. Then I click Warp Markers (under create), the Audio Warp section has a little icon that turns blue. I click on the Audio Warp section…and all the hitpoints disappear except the few I created manually. If someone can explain where I’m going wrong, I’d be forever grateful.


Is it Cubase 13? If yes, this is a known issue. This is going to be fixed in the 1st maintenance update.

yes 13, thanks, that’s a relief to know!

Is this also a known issue in Cubase 12? Sometimes when I want to create warp markers from hitpoints, nothing happens at all. I then can free warp quite happily, though. Will this also be fixed in the next maintenance update? :hugs: