Create Your Own Kits In GA One?

Isn’t there a way to make a clear 8 “layer” setup of samples of my choice in Groove Agent One? I mean, I see where you can find a preset where there isn’t much except for the 3 setting…but seriously, what I’m I missing and why is this so hard to figure out? Sorry, I like Cubase, but some of this is too much…

lol ,sorry but I don’t quite understand you ,are you talking about creating a preset of layers from scratch ??
If so just open GA1 with no preset and use mediabay to drag and drop your samples on to the pad , SIMPLE !

But I can’t find a completely empty GA One. There’s always at least one kit. I guess I’m being nit picky, or I just don’t know what I’m doing on that front. Thanks though. If anyone else has anything thing to add, please do.

when you load GA1 in the instrument rack it is empty

If you really want an “Empty” or “Init” preset, just save one when Groove Agent ONE first shows. Now you’ll always have one, and if you want to have some custom settings applied, you can save an Init preset for such things too! :slight_smile:

you don’t need to do that elektrobolt ,GA loads empty unless you have saved it with presets to a project