Created a 1 hour long DJ Mix


For the year end I’m always creating a 1 hour long DJ mix (+/- 30 songs mixed together completely beatmatched).
Before I was using Ableton Live for this on a PC.

Now I challenged myself to do this in Cubasis on my “iPad Pro 12.9” 2018"

I must tell it turned out perfectly, following list is a summary of my project:

  • 37 audio tracks (imports from my NAS)
  • Lots of effects used (mostly Spin FX, Reverb, Delay, Flanger)
  • Every track has time stretching, tempo matching
  • Pitch Changes
  • The mixdown version is 660MB and it perfectly shares back to my NAS in a couple of minutes where I can do other actions

I love this version that it’s using the full screen estate on my new iPad Pro.

A few glitches (minor ones) I’ve posted already and I’m sure they will be fixed soon (remember state, screen layout between sessions)

Thanks again for making such a wonderful product, especially on the iPad, so I can literally be creative on my couch :slight_smile:

All have a nice year ending and I hope you all enjoy the holidays.


Hi Benny,

Thank you for sharing this with the community.
If you don’t mind, please put the link to the mix as well, if it’s publicly available somewhere.