Created folder disappears

This is an odd “bug” in 7.5. I create a folder, then select “new project”, select that folder, as usual. If I don’t save the project, the folder I’ve created completely disappears. If I save the project, it’s fine. Not a deal breaker, just a little odd…

Sounds like an undocumented new feature.

Just tested and if there is anything at all in the folder it will not be deleted. If completely empty it’s deleted.

I like it!

Yep, I like this feature. If you don’t save, the folder is deleted.

I discovered this feature yesterday in 7.0.6. Apparently it’s been with us prior to .5. No problem for me, but I uttered the obligatory F word as a matter of course. Next time I will expect the behavior and smile and feel warm inside. :sunglasses: