Created hitpoints now it takes a long time to save project

hi there , once i had Created hitpoints on some drum audio and sliced it and quantized it, it now it takes a long time to save the project . up to that point saving the project took about one second , now it can take up to 30 seconds to save . it is only happening in that one project , i was using cubase 6.5.0 , i updated to 6.5.4 and it made no difference , any ideas thanks.


First of all, Cubase 6 doesn’t support Windows XP officialy.

If this is in one Cubase project only, looks the project similarly to other projects? I mean, what about count of tracks, plug-ins, cuts? Is this project larger than other projects, or is it same?

Can you try to create Backup Project from the File menu, and save the project to different folder? Is the long saving in this backuped project too?

thanks for your reply martin ,i resolved the problem ,it was because i had created hit points on a piece of stereo drum audio 5 minutes long and so there were lots of new pieces of audio in the pool . however once i was happy with the hitpoints positions , i bounced them all down to one track and then removed the pieces from the pool,it then saved as normal in less than a second ,thanks for your advice on “no support for xp” ,i knew that anyway. i will continue to use xp untill i hit a brickwall ,everything is very stable at the moment, thanks.


Good to hear, it works!

Yes, lots of files in the Pool loads the CPU. Bouncing is great solution for this.

Don’t get me wrong with the Win XP compatibility – I’m just very cautious with system requirements.