Created hitpoints now it takes a long time to save project

hi there , once i had Created hitpoints on some drum audio and sliced it and quantized it, it now it takes a long time to save the project . up to that point saving the project took about one second , now it can take up to 30 seconds to save . it is only happening in that one project , i was using cubase 6.5.0 , i updated to 6.5.4 and it made no difference , any ideas thanks.

When I edit a drum track (after sliced & quantized) I will select the drum tracks and select AUDIO>Bounce Selection and it makes new files. The cubase file will be much smaller and faster to save and load.

Also, I usually save a cubase file with a new name after I do this so if I ever need to go back to the unedited drum track of the original song file I still can. Ex: Mother120515drumedits.cpr