Creating a 2nd Inserts bin

I need to use 2 phase correction plugins in Cubase 7.5 (Sound Radix “AutoAlign” and “Pi”). “AutoAlign” needs to be the 1st FX in the Inserts bin and “Pi” needs to be the last FX (on every audio channel). My problem is, I also want to use the “Channel Strip” to apply some FX as well. So I need to have “AutoAlign” as the 1st plugin of the channel (before the Channel Strip) and “Pi” as the last plugin (after the Channel Strip). So how can I create a 2nd Inserts Bin “after” the Channel Strip and still keep the 1st Inserts Bin? Is there a way to add an FX Bin or container “inside” the Channel Strip? An example is Cakewalk Sonar; you can add an FX bin inside the “ProChannel” (same as Cubase Channel Strip) multiple times and in any position. Or do I have to go to the trouble of creating a separate bus for every channel that would be post-Channel Strip? And if so, how? Can anybody help? Thanks.

Im guessing that you have to create groups or sends…

Thanks ggc, but your solution is a bit too cluttered. Hope Cubase can offer us the ability to have a 2nd inserts bin and be able to place it post-channel strip. I might have to not use Cubase channel strip altogether and just use 3rd party plugins.

This would be the best solution. :slight_smile:

I think you are right Arc