Creating a CD image in WL10 (or WL9, for that matter)

Hi folks,
I still make a lot of CD’s for clients, the old-fashioned way with a folder full of individual audio track WAV files. I own WL 9, WL9.5 and now WL10, but still cannot make a CD image that will play individual tracks. The markers and periods of silence are in the image, but when I render the CD image WAV file, it plays as if it is just one long WAV. I’ve wasted a lot of blank disks too! It seems to me that I have tried everything, but obviously I have not.

Does anyone know of a good YouTube “how-to” video on this subject, or a written “how to” that could help me see what I have not yet seen?

I am not as familiar with these products as some of you are, but in my opinion it seems much easier to use WL9 or WL9.5 to make a CD, WL10 does not seem to clearly provide for this.

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Have tried to do make an DDP?

read about how to make a DDP and then playback with Steinbergs DDP player
CD image is more for a Data CD or as a temporary file to make a Audio CD

check here for manual online or off line

regards S-EH