Creating a concert pitch score and a transposing score

I need to create a concert pitch score and a transposing score for a project I’m currently working on. I’ve created a second layout with all the parts in, and made that transposing. However, I’m having some trouble with clefs. I’m needing the layouts to behave independently as far as clef placement goes, due to various transposing instruments being in very different ranges when transposed. Is there a way to have clefs hidden in transposing score that doesn’t involve creating a hidden clef? Creating ‘invisible’ clefs in the Edit>Clef>Transposed Pitch menu removes the clef altogether, so it doesn’t appear on subsequent lines.

Happy to provide more info if I’ve not made myself clear. Thank you!

There is currently no way to hide a clef in one layout, but this is something that we plan to introduce in future. As you’ve found, making a clef “invisible” doesn’t help since it actually behaves like a G clef (I think) and obviously also prevents the previous clef from appearing on subsequent systems, because of course the previous clef is no longer active.

OK, thanks Daniel! I’m not sure how often I’d need to create two versions of a score like this, but clef independence between part and score will definitely be useful/essential for orchestral stuff. Cheers, Mike.

If the scores are finished – no more changes to the music (whishing for that to be true), you may make a copy of the full project having the transposing score and edit to your taste. Of course any changes would have to be done in both versions after the copy is done.