Creating a Device Panel

I’m an absolute beginner to Cubase 7.5 or any DAW software.

I have been reading the operation manual and midi device manual. I have come to the section of adding external instruments, which I have managed to do. I only have a simple setup - laptop (Win7) - a Tascam US122mk2 audio interface for mic and guitar input, and a Yamaha Arius YDP-V240 digital piano which connects to my laptop via USB midi.
So the Arius is now setup as a standard GM, and also XG device, and I am wondering if there is any need to take advantage of the CREATE PANAL facility within the midi device manager - the Arius piano has the standard GM and XG-lite patches, and a selection of Yamaha accompaniment styles, plus some on-board effects - reverb, chorus, and some other standard Yamaha DSP effects which of course effect only the Arius sounds.
Could creating a PANEL be of any use to this instrument, I can already change patches from the External instrument dialog anyway, and I was only curious to learn about the CREATE PANAL section.
Anyone got any ideas?

Maybe someone would like to share their Waldorf Pulse 2 or Blofeld device panel with us?

We used to have a sticky in the old forum where we would share information on creating Device Panels, we really need something like that here, a place for people to share resources, Device Panels, Patch Scripts, Drum Maps, Presets of various kinds…anyway I would recommend checking out, for Panels and for instructions on rolling your own.

One trick I employ when creating panels is to record parameter tweaking of MIDI hardware into Cubase so I can view it in the list editor as opposed to always working from MIDI Implementation Tables.