Creating a fake tremolo


I want to create a custom playing technique for flutter-tongue (Flatterzunge, frullato), made as a three-beam tremolo sign. Using the Tremolo technique doesn’t work, since it plays a measured tremolo and not a ftz. However, both tremolo and ftz are written in the same way in most recent scores.

When creating the new playing technique, it is easy to select the glyph from the Tremolo group. But then, the symbol can only sit above or below the note (notehead and stem). I can’t make it sit on the note stem. I can do it in Engrave mode, but not in Write mode.

Is there a way to create a playing technique symbol that can be integral with the note stem, even in Write/Galley mode?


No, not at the moment.

Thank you, Daniel. I’ll change it into a feature request!


I wonder is it possible to alter the Expression Map for wind & brass to interpret 3-line tremolo as fluttertongue?

If the library you’re using have dedicated Flutter samples, you can just modify (or add) the TREMOLO acticulation in the respective wind and brass Expression maps…